This is Knox.

This handsome fella wanted me to take his photo. I couldn’t say no.

Emma & Brandon

Good times at an engagement session.

Happy Birthday Jack

My nephew Jack is the first child in our family in over 100 years. He’s something of a prized possession.

He turns 1 today, and we’re pretty pumped. I could have made this with 1000 photos, but I picked a quick 25. Happy Birthday little fella!

Wedding Guest

Last Saturday, Amy & I went to a wedding, and I wasn’t the photographer. Jamie & Jonathan’s wedding was at the handsome Longwood Plantation in Natchez, MS. I was lost as a guest, and I kept thinking about where I should be and whether or not all the happenings were being photographed. Im sure her photographers did a great job, but it’s an unusual thing for me to be at a wedding and not be running around in circles with my camera.

After the ceremony, we decided the best wedding gift ever for Jamie would be for us to DOMINATE her photobooth. Good times.

I couldn’t help but sneak a few photos with my phone. Isn’t this place great?

Pretty Bride. We were on a balcony having dinner when Jamie walked inside.

This is Jack.